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          Current Agencies

          Already have a developed agency?? Great! Let American Insurance Organization?help?your agency grow beyond your current expectations.

          Healthcare reform has impacted many agencies that focus on individual health insurance sales. As commissions tighten and production requirements grow, it’s became more complex?to own and operate an agency.

          AIO helps agencies with their back office tasks, allowing agencies to focus on sales and marketing. AIO agencies have access to:

          • Broker Support
          • Case Management
          • Commissions Department
          • Licensing?Department
          • Marketing Research
          • Weekly Sales Webinars
          • Various Sales Training Resources


          Utilizing AIO’s agency services allows owners to target?more imperative business tasks?like marketing strategy and recruiting/training agents.

          Join AIO
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          Some industry experts would say the health insurance industry has been under attack for the past few years. While many agents, agencies and FMOs are struggling to adapt to the constant changes that come with healthcare reform, here at American Insura...

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