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          Sales Technology


          American Insurance Organization’s Information Technology Team

          American Insurance Organization?has partnered with multiple?technology vendors?to provide independent agents?access to top-notch sales tech at a substantial discount.

          Using sales, marketing and organizational software, agents simplify their marketing strategy, sales and customer?service tasks.

          While quote engines and enrollment platforms for individual health insurance are less important with the introduction of Healthcare.gov, there are still systems agents can implement to?help their?business.?Below is a small sample of the tech that?helps agents?gain an edge over the competition:

          • CRM (Customer Relations Manager)
          • Auto Dialer Software
          • Lead Auto Responders
          • Drip Marketing Programs
          • Mass Email Marketing
          • Web Meeting Software
          • Much more…


          In addition to AIO’s technology partners, we have developed our own sales technology, available only to our captive sales agents. Our SalesRadix system is offered to captive sales agents and includes a free leads fed into our own custom CRM, our own quoting and enrollment tools, and other exciting, cutting-edge sales technology. Learn more about our captive sales platform at www.SalesRadix.com.

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          Some industry experts would say the health insurance industry has been under attack for the past few years. While many agents, agencies and FMOs are struggling to adapt to the constant changes that come with healthcare reform, here at American Insura...

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