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          Product & Sales Training

          Whether you are brand new to the business or are already a top producer, we understand detailed?and continued training is?key for any agent to succeed in this?business.


          American Insurance Organization provides agents with ample training opportunities in a variety of formats, including:

          • New product/carrier trainings
          • Weekly live sales training webinars
          • One-on-one training sales sessions with Sales Managers, Assistant Sales Managers and Broker Support Specialists
          • Semi-annual live webinar training sessions regarding seasonal changes: Open Enrollment Period (OEP)/Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and Rest of Year (ROY)
          • Extensive online library of training materials and up-to-date insurance content (Powerpoint slides, PDF documents, recorded webinars, etc.)
          • Instant access to Broker Support through email or phone for more information, or for?phone or webinar training sessions
          • Monthly newsletter informing you of agency, carrier and industry news


          Our Sales Managers, Assistant Sales Managers and Broker Support Specialists are experienced, knowledgeable insurance professionals who care deeply about helping agents achieve their business?and financial goals.




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          Some industry experts would say the health insurance industry has been under attack for the past few years. While many agents, agencies and FMOs are struggling to adapt to the constant changes that come with healthcare reform, here at American Insura...

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