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          New Mexico Health

          New Mexico Health Connections?is a doctor-led, non-profit health plan based in New Mexico. They offer plans for individuals, families, small businesses and large businesses across the state. NMHC is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Health Plan, or CO-OP, which means members have the opportunity to serve as board members. Founded in 2012, NMHC is one of only five remaining Co-ops established under the Affordable Care Act. New Mexico Health Connections boasts that they are the only co-op that from the beginning, contracted directly with providers.

          Three selling points for brokers:

          • NM Health Connection is one of only five health co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act still in operation (out of 23).
          • NMHC has more than 7,500 providers in network.
          • New Mexico Health Connection prides itself in being “mission-driven”, not “profit-driven.”

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