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          Priority Health

          Calling itself “Michigan’s fastest?growing health plan”, Priority Health has come a long way during their 30 years of business. Priority Health was established in 1985 by a group of physicians and hospitals that wanted to ensure community members could afford access to quality care. A non-profit health plan, Priority Health works to be open and honest about healthcare costs with their members. They also recently launched PriorityRewards program, which offers cash incentives for clients willing to explore their healthcare options. Priority Health offers HMO, PPO, POS and Medicare plans.


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          Some industry experts would say the health insurance industry has been under attack for the past few years. While many agents, agencies and FMOs are struggling to adapt to the constant changes that come with healthcare reform, here at American Insura...

          American Insurance Organization - 667 Union Blvd Allentown, PA 18109 - Office Phone: (610) 740-0000 Fax: (610) 740-0090